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Raspbian DLL Interface for AvaSoft

Posted on: April 27th, 2020

The Raspbian DLL interface for AvaSoft is now available in our DLL kit!

Increasingly, spectrometers are being deployed into field applications ranging from Raman & LIBS to radiometry and fluorescence. The applications are only limited by one’s imagination because the hardware options to support a multitude of spectroscopy applications are available and affordable.
raspbian DLL Interface allows raspberry pi development for Avantes and Avasoft

Miiicihiaieil  Hieinizilieir / Wikimedia Commons

Avantes Compactline of spectrometers is ideally suited to field application.  At around the size of a deck of cards and weighing only XX grams, the AvaSpec-Mini spectrometers are ideal for the range from 200-1700 nm.

Portable computing options abound today but few systems can rival the value proposition of the Raspberry pi.  At around $35, the Pi offers huge processing power, compact size, low power consumption, powerful interface options, a huge user community, and much more. Choosing the Raspberry Pi for your portable project presents low risks and great upside potential.

Raspbian DLL Interface for AvaSoft

Recognizing this, Avantes supports the Pi with a Raspbian DLL.  Our Raspbian SDK includes some sample programs in QT and Python.  In 2018 our US Engineering Intern developed a portable project based on the AvaSpec-Mini2048 and the Raspberry Pi.  For more information please contact an Avantes Sales Engineer.

Raspberry Pi Capabilities- portability project

Avantes Portability Project- proof of concept design

Request the AvaSoft Raspberry Pi DLL

Request the downloadable Raspberry Pi DLL Package with sample programs and examples

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Setting up a simple instrument interface with Raspberry Pi

Push Button; Collect spectrum

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