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Industrial Spectroscopy

The Avantes mission is to provide state of the art measuring equipment that helps people live longer, healthier lives and helps save the planet for generations to come. Today you can find Avantes equipment doing just that all over the world in applications ranging from biomedical imaging, to recycling efficiency, to studying our climate.

Whatever your spectroscopy needs may be, Avantes has the solution to make your measurement and data acquisition easier, faster, and more accurate.

(Bio)Medical Spectroscopy

Biotechnology is one industry that has many possible uses for spectroscopy. Medical researchers are hard at work developing non-invasive, hand-held, and even wearable instruments for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of health conditions such as diabetes or cancer. Spectroscopy has many advantages for biotechnology applications, measurements are non-invasive as well as non-destructive, samples require little to no preparation, and many times data collection can be performed by technicians with minimal training.

You will find examples of spectroscopy at work in the biotech field in everything from the Co-oximetry blood gas sensor attached to a patient’s finger to the vapor deposition growth of graphene quantum dots used in experimental cancer treatments, and every day researchers are discovering novel and exciting uses for spectroscopy in biotechnology.

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Spectroscopy for Chemistry

Chemistry applications in spectroscopy are universally significant and found within many different fields of studies. This breadth of applicability means that chemists could be working in industries just as varied. Chemical reactions and measuring those reactions require robust analytical techniques and tools. Spectroscopy is the perfect tool to aid in these measurement techniques. Some of the measurement techniques Avantes spectrometers aid in are UV/VIS measurements to analyze things such as climate change as well as colloids and nanoparticle reactions. Additionally, Raman spectroscopy is used to monitor nuclear reactions, in addition to working in conjunction with UV/VIS spectroscopy. Fluorescence spectroscopy additionally investigates the behaviors of chemical compounds. And lastly, spectroelectrochemistry involves the combination of electrochemistry with spectroscopy.

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Spectroscopy in Agriculture and Food Production

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Environmental Spectroscopy

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Spectroscopy in the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry also employs spectroscopy throughout the manufacturing process. Semiconductors are a crucial technology for most modern conveniences, they power our vehicles, our mobile devices, and increasingly everyday items that are new additions to the internet of things, such as our refrigerators, and they are essential to any computerized system used in industry today.

Semiconductor chip manufacturers use spectroscopy in several ways, to monitor reaction endpoints during film deposition, to characterize thin films deposited on a substrate, and even in quality control performing wafer testing.

Spectroscopy for Lighting

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Original Equipment Manufacturers

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Spectroscopy in Solar Power