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The Lighting industry has a multitude of testing needs which demand spectrometers for precise measurements of illumination sources.  Avantes instruments have been successfully integrated into a range of radiometric measurement systems for researchers, testing labs and industrial users.  Avantes offers complete light measurement configurations, also known as spectroradiometers which feature our AvaSpec instruments, fiber optic cabling, integrating spheres and radiometric calibrations performed in our NIST traceable laboratory.   Configurations are available for continuous wave (CW) and pulsed sources.



Radiometry refers to the measurement of all optical radiation including the ultraviolet, visible and infrared portion of this radiant energy.

Within the field of radiometry different parameters can be measured, including but limited to irradiance, radiant flux, and radiant intensity.  Avantes systems and software facilitate quantitative measurement of these parameters over the range from 200-2500 nm.


Photometry refers to measurements of visible radiation alone, corresponding to the response of the human eye.   As with radiometry, in photometry, numerous parameters can be measured such as Luminous flux, Luminous Intensity, and Illuminance.  Avantes offers a number of system configurations optimized for the visible (380-780 nm) wavelength range.

CFL Bulb

Other Parameters

In addition to the above measurement parameters, other unique parameters are used to describe the quality of lighting products. Parameters describing the color (X,Y,Z, x, y, z), dominant wavelengths and color temperature color temperatures are needed to specify and document lighting products.

OEM Spectrometers for Lighting

Avantes OEM spectrometers are often used as the spectral processing engine within sophisticated radiometry systems.  Featuring sophisticated electronics to enable external triggering and high-speed data collection in manufacturing environments, AvaSpec instruments provide exceptional value to radiometry system manufacturers and integrators.


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Instruments for the Lighting Industry

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The StarLine AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO offers you this latest technology using CMOS instead of the conventional CCD technology. In combination with our latest AS-7010 electronics, it offers you a versatile device including USB3.0 communication with 10x higher speed communications and 50x more memory. The AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO is also available as OEM unit, bench-only or rackmount version.

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The SensLine AvaSpec-ULS2048x64TEC back-thinned detector has good sensitivity in the UV and IR region and .89 mm pixel height maximizes photon collection while the cooling enables long integration times up to 500 seconds with low noise values. three-stage Peltier cooling device integrated into our exclusive ultra-low stray-light optical bench improves the dark baseline and reduces the dark noise by a factor of 2-3.

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AvaSpec- SolarXM

Available in the US Only!

Solar simulator characterization is made easy with the AvaSpec-SolarXM spectroradiometer system. This calibrated system consists of the AvaSpec-ULS2048X16-USB2 back-thinned CCD spectrometer, 2-meter fiber optic, 90-degree cosine receptor, dedicated software application, and NIST traceable calibration.

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Resources for the Lighting Industry

Lighting Industry Information Page

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Irradiance Measurements Instrument Bundle

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LED Measurements Information Page

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LED Light Measurement Instrument Bundle

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Irradiance and Spectroradiometry Information Page

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Spectra of the Month Feature: VCSEL Tests

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Avantes Spectrometry Solutions for the Lighting Industry

For more information about Avantes solutions for radiometry for the Lighting industry, please contact a solution engineer at [email protected]

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