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In-House Engineering Capabilities

Posted on: May 5th, 2023

Boost Your Spectroscopy Applications with Our In-House Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

At Avantes Inc., we are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, which includes a range of solutions to meet your unique needs. In addition to offering repairs, calibration services, and technical support for our hardware and software products, our skilled engineers can also design and create custom mounts, holders, and fixtures using 3D printing technology. We currently use ABS plastic to print all parts but are constantly exploring new materials based on customer feedback. Our 3D printing capabilities are part of our dedication to customer service and our pride in the quality of our instruments. With these accessories, you can trust that our spectroscopy setups will work seamlessly for your unique application.

Below Are Some Examples of The Custom Accessories we Have Developed

product image

Reflectance Sample Holder

Specifically designed for a wood filler paste, this piece has two circular holes, one to hold any of our reference tiles and another to hold a container of a sample. The depth of the holes was designed so that the top lip of the sample container is the same height as the top of the reference tile, ensuring the most accurate comparison of reflectance or color measurements.

product image

Pacto Mount

Our new Pacto spectrometer can be secured with ease using this custom mount, which attaches via three M3 screws. Designed for flexibility, the mount can be attached to an optical breadboard, rail, or other stand using the M6 thread located at the bottom of the mount.

product image

Cosine Corrector Holder

The purpose of this rectangular component is to secure our 90-degree cosine corrector onto any stand or rail, utilizing the M4 thread located on the holder's bottom.

product image

Fiber Holder

The purpose of designing this holder is to provide more available workspace by raising a fiber optic cable off a table. It is compatible with any M4 or M6 stand and can be easily threaded onto it.

product image

Collimating Lens Holder

This custom collimating lens mount was designed for a specific customer to fit a 45mm x 45mm T-slot profile truss rod and mount using only one M8 screw. The collimating lens is held in place with a single 4-40 set screw

product image

Interface Cables

In addition to 3D printed fixtures, we also provide custom interface cables between our spectrometers and light sources. The most common use for this is to trigger one of our many Xenon light sources, many of which are also powered through the custom interface cable. These cables can be adjusted to interface with our StarLine series, our CompactLine Mini spectrometers, and even our new Pacto spectrometers!