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USA Sales Team

Damon Lenski – General Manager of the American Office

Before assuming his current role as GM of Avantes USA, Damon served as the Regional Sales Manager for Avantes North America, accumulating 16 years of experience. His diverse experience spans numerous industries and applications, working with countless customers. As a key contributor to Avantes’ product and technology planning processes over the years, Damon boasts extensive product knowledge. With a science and business background, he has emerged as a trusted leader within our company, driven by a passion for exceptional customer service. Damon continues to work closely with some of Avantes USA’s largest OEM customers. Moreover, his strong leadership attributes, fluency in Spanish, and close collaborations with Latin American customers have made him a well-rounded manager overseeing American operations.

Damon’s contact information:

email: [email protected]

mobile: +1 720-215-1738

Ryan Flaherty – East Coast Regional Sales Manager

As our senior sales manager for Avantes USA, Ryan’s recent 10-year milestone underscores his extensive experience. He boasts a background in chemistry laboratories, coupled with 7 years in the spectroscopy industry, making him our most knowledgeable sales engineer. Ryan’s exceptional character is marked by his kindness, trustworthiness, and unwavering dedication. He has established strong customer relationships, earning their complete confidence in his ability to deliver application solutions. Ryan’s comprehensive understanding of our products, industry, and clientele, combined with his amiable personality, truly makes him an invaluable asset to our team.

Ryan’s Contact Information:

email: [email protected]

mobile: +1 865-603-9246


Jason Peoples – West Coast Regional Sales Manager

In late 2020, Jason joined Avantes, just before the pandemic transformed our way of life. Despite the challenges of his role as a new sales engineer, Jason adeptly adapted to a virtual approach to connecting with customers, unable to visit them in person. Fortunately, Jason’s extensive 10-year background in spectroscopy, specializing in Remote Sensing and Material Analysis in the Agriculture industry, and his charming personality facilitated his understanding of our customers’ needs. We are elated to have Jason as a valuable member of our team!

Jason’s Contact Information:

email: [email protected]

mobile: 408-966-6155


Nathan Robey – Sales Application Engineer

Nathan, fondly referred to as the “Rockfather,” leverages his geology expertise in his spectroscopy profession. With a zest for knowledge, he is devoted and enterprising with an infectious cheerfulness that charms everyone he meets. Nathan has fostered valuable customer relationships and is accountable for the central US region, ideally suited for his rock-centric skillset, where he will engage directly with customers in the rocky mountain territory.

Nathan’s Contact Information:

email: [email protected]

mobile: +1 720-683-1140