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Avantes Demo Program

Posted on: January 30th, 2021

Test Drive an Avantes instrument before you buy with Avantes’ extensive demo program. Reserve Instruments and peripherals, such as the LIBS test kit. Reserve an instrument now.

For spectroscopists able to travel to our headquarters in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, make an appointment to visit our experience center, a hands on assisted spectroscopy lab on site.

Try Before You Buy

Having worked with thousands of applications in our 25-year history, we understand the importance of mitigating risk when making an instrument purchase decision. Not all spectrometers are created equal and sometimes applications have special needs that may not be apparent from the outset. The Avantes demo program allows you to test our instrument in your experimental or operational environment to validate functionality and fine tune specifications.

Compare Instruments

Often our customers have experienced the performance of a competitive instrument or different class of instrument and would like to have a comparator to see if their measurements can be improved or cost optimized. Demanding applications such as fluorescence and Raman are often performed with high cost instrumentation which may be overkill for the needs of the applications.

Software Integration

Avantes demo program allows you to familiarize yourself with our software or take a closer look at our software development kit (SDK) and sample programs. Avantes instruments can be controlled using our proprietary software AvaSoft or via your own software written in Labview, Matlab, C#, C++, Visual Studio, Python or any of a variety of Linux environments.

How it Works

The Avantes demo program is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It is our goal to make this process easy for you.

  1. Share your requirements – Give us a description of your application and specifications including range, resolution, budget, sensitivity requirements, timing requirements
  2. Sign our demo agreement – Our Sales Engineers will fill out a demo agreement which simply states the dates of your demo and the equipment to be loaned. Provide us with a UPS or Fedex account number.
  3. Wait for your demo to arrive in 1-3 business days. Avantes will provide you with a link to download our software or SDK so you are ready when the instruments arrive.
  4. Unpack and contact Avantes for Support – Upon arrival at your facility, the spectrometer system will be ready for use and includes a quick start guide. Avantes Support Engineers are available for a brief training on how to use the instrument. This can normally be done via Gotomeeting.

What Demo Users Say:

“Thanks to Avantes demo program, my Postdoc was able to run a multitude of samples of various concentrations and confirm the spectrometer will work for our research. He also managed to get our LabView code working to control the spectrometer giving us a head start when our new instrument arrives.”