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(Bio)Medical Spectroscopy

endoscopy procedures may use NIR spectroscopyBiomedical spectroscopy applications can be some of the most demanding in terms of technical specifications, but Avantes has a proven track record of success with such applications in laboratory and clinical environments. Over the past 25 years, we have provided instrumentation for non-invasive and invasive spectroscopy analysis for a variety of life science customers.

Avantes spectrometers are used to measure blood gas parameters such as hemoglobin, carboxyhemoglobin, bilirubin, and others for co-oximetry, where Avantes OEM spectrometers (AvaSpec-ULS2048L-USB2 and AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO) are integrated into clinical analyzers. Pulse oximetry is another technique where Avantes instruments have been successfully implemented. Avantes AvaSpec-HS2048XL-EVO is being used to perform high-speed fluorescence measurements during needle biopsies as well as for diffuse reflection measurements to support endoscopy and deep tissue mass detection.

Some examples of Avantes (Bio)Medical implementations:

  • Angiology / Pharmacology – Monitoring oxygen saturation after the application of vaso-active pharmaceuticals.   This study detected changes in oxygen changes caused by Reynaud syndrome and microcirculation diseases in tissue.
  • Dermatology/Tissue transplants – Detection of blood perfusion in grafted tissues; Identification of melanoma and other dermal abnormalities using non-invasive reflection
  • Endocrinology  – Detection of Microangiopathy; Early detection of Endothelial dysfunction and ulceration.
  • Cardiac surgery – Clinical devices integrating Avantes instrument to monitor oxygen consumption of the heart during and after bypass operations.
  • Neurosurgery / Oncology – Quantification of brain tumor oxygen consumption before/after radiation or operations. Measurement of radiation therapy efficacy on breast mass reduction.
  • Pediatric medicine – Clinical devices integrating Avantes low stray light spectrometers to monitor blood parameters critically ill newborns.
  • Plastic surgery / Transplantation medicine – Monitoring vascularization of transplanted tissues and organs
  • Otorhinolaryngology – Endoscopic characterization of throat tissues for abnormalities and cancer detection
  • Trauma surgery –  Non-invasive characterization of burned or frozen tissues.
  • European project: Cancer detection using miniature spectrometers and smart biopsy needles
  • Avantes OEM Instruments for Biomedical Applications
  • Biomedical customers benefit from Avantes commitment to quality as evidenced by our ISO 2001:2016 certification and a three-year warranty.  All Avantes instruments undergo 8-hour thermal testing to ensure stability and robustness and the company maintains 100% traceability on all subcomponent parts.
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Instruments for BioMedical and Life Sciences Applications

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The StarLine AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO offers you this latest technology using CMOS instead of the conventional CCD technology. In combination with our latest AS-7010 electronics, it offers you a versatile device including USB3.0 communication with 10x higher speed communications and 50x more memory. The AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO is also available as OEM unit, bench-only or rackmount version.

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The SensLine AvaSpec-ULS2048x64TEC backthinned detecor has good sensitivity in the UV and IR regionand .89 mm pixel height maximizes photon collection while the cooling enables long integration times up to 500 seconds with low noise values. three-stage Peltier cooling device integrated into our exclusive ultra-low stray-light optical bench improves the dark baseline and reduces the dark noise by a factor of 2-3.

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The AvaSpec-NIR512-1.7-HSC-EVO offers the high sensitivity100mm optical bench (HSC) with the next generation of electronics (EVO). This instrument delivers exceptional performance specifications such as a high sample speed and integration times as fast as 20 μs. It features the trusted InGaAs array detectors with our ultra low-noise electronics board featuring USB3 and Giga-Ethernet connection port.

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Biomedical Spectroscopy Resources

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