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Enlightening Spectroscopy

Avantes Enlightening Spectroscopy

Avantes has dedicated more than two decades to developing cutting-edge optical spectroscopy equipment and getting it into the hands of researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs around the world. We support hundreds of installations across dozens of industries where light measurements are improving performance, increasing yields and delivering the data you rely on.

The modular design, small footprint, and bench top or rack mount options offer a versatile solution that goes where you need it. Avantes is a world leader in miniature spectroscopy, providing powerful options for portable and handheld integrations. Fiber optic spectroscopy is the answer for non-invasive, stand-off measurements, in any environment.

Avantes Strength

The Avantes family of modular fiber optic instruments and accessories has the right choice for your spectroscopy application. Work with our expert sales engineering team to design the ideal system, test drive an instrument, or test reference samples for the confidence to select the Avantes system you need.

Personal service is our hallmark. We work collaboratively with our customers to understand application needs and test system configurations to ensure the right match between equipment, application, and budget to exceed expectations every time.

Our Products

Avantes Quality

Part of the Avantes commitment to our customers is to provide the most innovative and highest quality equipment available. We are constantly improving our designs, manufacturing processes, and testing protocols to ensure we meet the highest standards possible earning us ISO9001:2015 certification from Dekra. The trained service support engineering team is always on standby for assistance, troubleshooting, or advice, and your dedicated representative will help with anything from upgrades to escalating support issues any time. We pride ourselves on offering a 3-year limited warranty on all instruments.

Trust Avantes to deliver you the ideal spectroscopy instrumentation for your application.


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Avantes offers several product lines and special instrument series to meet the spectroscopy needs of dozens of industries and markets.

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Light Sources

Avantes offers a range of light sources for applications such as transmission, absorption, and reflection where an illumination source may be required

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Fiber Optics

Avantes high-quality fiber optics made of synthetic fused silica are used for light guidance in an optical measurement system.

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Avantes offers a wide selection of high-quality accessories to facilitate easy and accurate measurements including integrating spheres, cuvette holders, filter holders, and fiber-optic multiplexers.

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Avantes AvaSoft proprietary software is available for instrument control with the entire AvaSpec family of spectrometers. For customers that prefer to design their own software, the SDK and Dynamic Link Library is for Window, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

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OEM Rated Modules

The AvaSpec family of instruments was designed with the demands of OEM applications in mind. AvaSpec instruments offer superior resolution, sensitivity, and electronic controls relative to comparable instruments on the market today.


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