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Spectroscopy Applications

Doing More With Light

Spectroscopy is used in hundreds of applications across dozens of industries with new uses found every day. You will find spectrometers measuring light in the lab, on the manufacturing floor, and out in the field; anywhere that light exists, it can be measured, and those measurements can be put to truly amazing use.

Spectroscopy Techniques

The way light interacts with the world can be analyzed and predicted, allowing practitioners to follow established spectroscopic methods to yield actionable data. Methods such as UV/VIS absorbance spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy or laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy each have their own technological demands, sampling protocols, and means of analysis.

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Industries Using Spectroscopy

Dozens of industries employ spectroscopy to improve their processes and run more efficiently. You can find spectroscopy hard at work in everything from agriculture to semiconductors. Avantes offers spectrometer and accessory recommendations to deliver solutions for common industry-specific spectroscopy needs, or partner to develop a custom application system.

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Spectroscopy Resources

Avantes is committed to providing exceptional support for our spectroscopy customers. Find resources such as downloads, manuals and quick start guides that you need to make your spectroscopy application run smoothly and deliver incredible results.

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