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Raman Spectroscopy Applications

Posted on: June 27th, 2019

raman spectroscopy applications white paperRaman spectroscopy exploits the inelastic scattering of photons off of covalently bonded molecules to identify functional groups, crystallinity, and stresses and strains.  It is a widely used spectroscopy technique for both quantitative and qualitative molecular analysis, with applications ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to airport security screening.  Because of the extensive range of applications for Raman spectroscopy, it might be difficult to determine which spectrometer is best suited for any given application.  This application note will provide an overview of three common applications, biomedical diagnostics, silicon wafer stress monitoring, and incoming material verification, along with suggestions for a preferred spectrometer for each application.

Discover Avantes Raman solutions including the updated AvaRaman bundles and the AvaSoft-Raman module.  Panorama© software offers a sophisticated alternative Raman software for users that require advanced analytic functions such as 2D and 3D data manipulation, mathematical noise reductions, and spectral library integration.

Raman spectroscopy applications demand high resolution, low noise instruments. The AvaRaman bundles include a 532 nm or 785 nm wavelength-stabilized laser with control box and offers special wavelength-optimized Raman probes for both solids and liquids with different focal lengths.

Other Raman spectroscopy applications include chemical reaction monitoring, product identifications, remote sensing and provides an invaluable tool for molecular fingerprinting and monitoring changes in molecular bond structure such as sensing state changes as well as structural properties like stresses.

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