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Avantes Raspbian DLL Interface

Posted on: April 27th, 2020

Increasingly spectrometers are being deployed into field applications ranging from Raman & LIBS to radiometry and fluorescence.  The applications are only limited by ones imagination because the hardware options to support a multitude of spectroscopy applications are available and affordable.

Miiicihiaieil  Hieinizilieir / Wikimedia Commons

Avantes Compactline of spectrometers is ideally suited to field application.  At around size of a deck of cards and weighing only XX grams, the AvaSpec-Minis are ideal for the range from 200-1700 nm.

Portable computing options abound today but few systems can rival the value proposition of the Raspberry pi.  At around $35, the Pi offers huge processing power, compact size, low power consumption, powerful interface options, a huge user community   and much more.  The choice of the Raspberry Pi  for your portable project presents low risk and great upside potential.

AvaSpec-Mini Compact Spectrometer

The AvaSpec-Mini Compact Spectrometer

Recognizing this, Avantes supports the Pi with a Raspbian DLL.  Our Raspbian SDK includes some sample programs in QT and Python.  In 2018 our US Engineering Intern developed a portable project based on the AvaSpec-Mini2048 and the Raspberry Pi.    For more information please contact a Sales Engineer.

Raspberry Pi Capabilities- portability project

Avantes Portability Project- proof of concept design

More Information About Avantes DLL/SDK Interface Packages

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