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AvaLight-CAL-Mini with PS-12V/2.08A power supply

The AvaLight-CAL-Mini is a spectral calibration lamp, available in Mercury-Argon (253.6-922.5 nm). The technical data is shown below. It comes in the Mini-housing and is equipped with a connector at the rear enabling you to switch the unit on/off remotely with a TTL signal.

PS-12V/2.08A power supply is included.

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The first of its kind 4096 pixel AvaSpec-Mini features with CMOS detector and low-noise electronics. Applications: OES, General UV/VIS spectroscopy, Thin film metrology

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The MKII series AvaSpec-Mini with CMOS technology with low-noise electronics. Ideal for: OES, General UV/VIS spectroscopy, Thin film metrology

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CMOS-based detector, EVO series electronics low-noise electronics with Gigabit Ethernet communications. This instrument is the device of the future, updated for forward-looking interoperability.

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AvaTrek Case

Crush-proof polyurethane clamshell case for portability and use in the field.

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Avalight DHc with Power Supply

Both a deuterium light source ( between 200 and 550 nm) and a halogen light source (550 nm to 2500 nm) provide light between 200 and 2500 nm for nearly all absorbance chemistry.

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Avalight-XE with PS-12V/1.0A Power Supply

Pulsed xenon light source. Synchronize flashes with data collection via cable interface.

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Avalight-HAL-S-Mini with Power Supply

A compact, stabilized halogen light source, with adjustable focusing of the fiber connection, maximizing output power at the desired wavelength. The light source also has adjustable output power to provide extra power or longer bulb life.

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