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Mercury Argon Calibrated Light Source

AvaLight-CAL-Mini with PS-12V/2.08A power supply


The AvaLight-CAL-Mini is a spectral calibration lamp, available in Mercury-Argon (253.6-922.5 nm). The technical data is shown below. It comes in the Mini-housing and is equipped with a connector at the rear enabling you to switch the unit on/off remotely with a TTL signal.

PS-12V/2.08A power supply is included.

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Product Overview

Wavelength Range: 253.6-922.5 nm
Optical power in 600 µm fiber: 1.6 µW
Connector: SMA-905

Internal Voltage: 1000 VAC at 35 kHz, 11 mA

Warm-up Time: 1 minute for vapor stabilization
Lamp Lifetime: 5000 hrs
Temperature Range: Include this?
Power Supply: PS-12V/2.08A, Power supply 100-240VAC/12VDC
Size/Weight: 150 x 78 x 37 mm, 510 g


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