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UV Visible Spectrometry Applications in Chemistry

Posted on: March 21st, 2019

UV Visible spectrometry application sin chemistryUV/Visible spectrometry refers to absorption/reflection measurements performed in the ultraviolet and visible light spectrum, Chemistry is a general term for a very diverse field of study in science. Many researchers and scientists occupy the field in many different industries. Because of this diversity, universal techniques and technologies exist to assist researchers. UV/VIS spectroscopy is one such measurement tool and has secured its place in chemistry labs across the world.

While there are applications for UV Visible Spectrometry in a wide range of applications in chemistry, life sciences, and industrial end uses, this application note focuses mainly on the field of atmospheric chemistry and its role in measuring climate conditions and global radiative balances. Avantes’ miniaturized spectrometers are the perfect instruments for these applications due to their relatively small size, relatively low cost, and ability to measure within hard environments using fiber optics.

Understanding UV radiation at ground level is an important indicator of environmental health and air quality. Absorbance spectroscopy techniques are at the heart of continuous emission monitoring systems.

In precision agriculture, chlorophyll content can be determined using UV Visible spectrometry to assist crop growers determine appropriate amounts of fertilizer. Mounted on farm equipment can allow for real-time sensing for smart fertilizer application.

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