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UV Radiometers- Ultraviolet Measurement Systems

Posted on: May 12th, 2020

Avantes UV Radiometer systemUV Radiometers provide the quantitative measurement of light sources emitting electromagnetic radiation in the wavelengths from 100-400 nm.  The ultraviolet wavelength range can be subdivided into three distinct spectral bands, A, B and C.  The ultraviolet A covers the range from 315-400 nm, the ultraviolet B range from 280-315 nm and the Ultraviolet C from 100-280 nm.   There are a variety of applications which require ultraviolet radiometry ranging from solar measurements to ultra-violet disinfection in water treatment or medical disinfection.

UV Radiometers from Avantes offer a variety of compact, affordable ultra-violet radiometer systems with detection ranges from 180-400 nm, with purged options for vacuum measurements.  The systems consist of Avantes AvaSpec spectrometers, a fiber optic and a collection optical head such as a cosine corrector or integrating sphere.  The entire system is radiometrically calibrated using a NIST traceable source our in house calibration lab.  We also offer ISO 17025 certified calibrations for customers requiring this.   Avantes ultra-violet radiometers facilitate in situ measurements and through control enabled by Avantes AvaSoft software, can be set to measure over designated time intervals without direct operator intervention.

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Ultra-Violet Measurement Systems

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Popular CompactLine spectrometer includes:

  • Grating UC (200-400 nm)

  • Slit-50 micron

  • kit includes Fiber Optics cable FC-UVIR600-1-BX (

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Option 1: AvaSphere-50-IRRAD

50 mm circumference Integrating Sphere with 10 mm Sample Port and an SMA port at 90 degrees for collecting the irradiance signals.

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Option 2: Cosine Corrector

Cosine Correctors allow light collection from a complete 180° field to eliminate optical interference problems

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Do You Need a World-Class UV Radiometer System?

Avantes systems is trusted as a world-wide leader in delivering the accurate UV spectral data for ultra-violet disinfection in water treatment or medical disinfection.

Request a consultation with one of our knowledgeable sales consulting engineers to design the custom system your application needs.

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