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eBook: Spectroscopy in the Biomedical Industry

Posted on: March 10th, 2022

Medical and biomedical researchers, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), frequently utilize spectroscopy techniques for clinical and research processes. Ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared wavelength ranges are measured for a variety of medical and biomedical applications.

Fiber-optic-based spectrometers offer great value to the industry due to their ability to facilitate in-situ (in vivo) measurements within clinical settings. The fiber-optic interface is often exploited for low-cost, disposable testing procedures. Low-cost instruments also present the opportunity to bring the lab to the patient. Biomedical analysis can benefit from the superior price to performance ratio realized by using fiber-optic spectrometers in place of traditional, higher-priced instruments and detectors.

Our instruments are utilized in various medical and biomedical applications such as blood analysis (co-oximetry), endoscopy, tissue fluorescence, capillary electrophoresis, phototherapy, and many other purposes. Avantes’ experiences in these industries range from OEM component supplier to research system configurator.

In this eBook we dive into multiple biomedical and life science applications in which spectroscopy is applied to give you a better understanding of all the opportunities spectroscopy has to offer in this market.


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