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Broadband Solar Irradiance Spectra

Posted on: April 23rd, 2019

This month, the Avantes US engineering team measured the broadband spectra of the sun from the Avantes, Inc. offices in Louisville, CO between 300 nm and 1100 nm. The Louisville location is situated at an elevation of 5,335 feet (1626 meters). Measurements were taken over two consecutive days in mid-April. The first day of solar spectra collection, measurements were taken at noon on a rare Colorado overcast day. The second measurement was taken at approximately 9 am on a clear sunny day.

Description of System

The spectroscopy system used in this measurement included a laptop, a mounting stand, an AvaSpec-Mini, and a cosine corrector. An irradiance calibration was performed in-house prior to recording the spectra.

Description of Methodology

For this experiment, a broadband AvaSpec-Mini was utilized with a cosine corrector directly attached to the spectrometer. An irradiance calibration was performed in-house to ensure proper irradiance readings were being collected during the solar measurements. The unit was then connected to a laptop and taken outside. Once outside, the spectrometer was securely attached to a stand and aimed at the sun. Two separate spectra were then captured: one with direct sunlight, and one with light cloud coverage.

Spectra Images

spectral comparison

Spectra Comparison

Downloadable Spectral Data

Downloadable Spectra April 2019

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