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Raman Spectroscopy Applications Overview

Posted on: February 13th, 2019

raman application note thumbnailRaman spectroscopy characterizes inelastic scattering of photons in covalently bound molecules. This technique uses this scattering to define molecular fingerprint, crystallinity, and other parameters. Raman is particularly useful for material identification and reaction monitoring.

The Raman technique is widely understood and used by the spectroscopy community for both quantitative and qualitative molecular analysis. Applications range from high-end university research to airport security screenings. As a result of the extensive range of possible applications for Raman spectroscopy, determining which spectrometer is best suited for any given application is confusing. This application note provides an overview of three common Raman applications as well as suggestions for a preferred spectrometer for each:

Avantes offers several high-sensitivity AvaSpec spectrometers, including TE cooled instruments. Pair your AvaSpec spectrometer with your choice of a narrow-bandwidth, low- wavelength drift laser tuned for 532, 633, or 785 nm. Complete your ideal Raman system with a selection of specialized Raman probes available for both fluid and solid sample. Or choose from one of Avantes’ preconfigured Raman bundles that include a spectrometer, laser, and probe designed for optimal performance. Discover the AvaRaman systems and bundles.

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The AvaSoft-Raman stand-alone software module is included with the purchase of any AvaRaman system and allows full control over your Raman system. Learn More.

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