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Introducing Nynomic

Posted on: October 28th, 2019

Introduction and Company Mission

Incorporated in 1995, Nynomic AG is a leader in manufacturing products for permanent, non-contact and non-destructive optical measurement technologies. Their mission is focused on improving our planet for this and future generations. This vision is achieved by concentrating on innovative photonic measurements in the research fields of life science, with a focus on medical technology;  green tech, with applications in the fields of agriculture and environmental technology; and cleantech, with very broad application fields throughout the industrial sector.

Nynomic achieves its mission by following 4 principles:

Chart of Nynomic’s Group Structure:

Recent Acquisitions:

Sensortherm: As the eighth pillar of the Nynomic Group, Sensortherm expands technological expertise in the field of pyrometry by developing, producing and distributing intelligent and sophisticated infrared measurement technology. The integration of Sensortherm is an important milestone in strengthening our portfolio and a perfect addition to the corporate network of Nynomic.

LemnaTech: Established in 1998, LemnaTech is the leading specialist for hardware and software systems in the field of digital and plant phenotyping and high-throughput screening. Digital seed testing and digital phenotyping measure the external appearance of plants in terms of size, shape, and color as characteristics for shoot-and-root growth, productivity and quality. Physiological parameters such as the water and nutrient content of the leaves or photosynthesis are also recorded.

Through the application of LemnaTech’s highly complex, non-invasive sensor and automation technologies, the plants are analyzed contact-free, so that each individual plant can be repeatedly examined and continuous information about the development and health status of the plants is acquired.


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