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Fluorescence Measurements with the AvaFluorimeter

Posted on: April 30th, 2020

A benchtop fluorimeter system provides for the ability to scan across wavelengths of excitation in order to find optimal excitation and emission combinations for fluorescent samples.  A common limitation of fiber optic spectroscopy systems is that they typically only allow for isolating excitation wavelengths one at a time using bandpass or other optical filters.  Fluorescence scientists commonly prefer to scan different excitation wavelengths.  The new AvaFluorimeter Accessory combines the flexibility of a fiber optic monochromator with a high powered Xenon source (Avalight-XE-Mini-HP) and sample chamber (CUV-DA) to provide the functionality of a benchtop fluorimeter at a fraction of the cost.  The cuvette holder can be substituted for any of our fluorescence fiber optic probes such as the FCR-UVIR 200/600-2-IND ½” industrial fluorescence probe.

Fluorescence Measurements with the AvaFluorimeter

AvaFluorimeter (with and without cuvette cover)

The AvaFluorimeter* solution features a manual operated monochromator from Optometrics, our AvaLight-XE-Mini-HP high powered Xenon source and a direct attached cuvette holder into one integrated module.  The system can be attached via a single fiber optic cable to any of Avantes AvaSpec instruments.

*Available for North America Only

Product Specifications

Fluorescence MeasurementsExcitation wavelength range:       200-700 nm (0.5 nm steps)
Fiber optic connections:    SMA 905
Sample compartment type:          1 cm cuvette
Sampling geometry:        Orthogonal
Xenon source wavelength range:    200-1100 nm
Xenon source optical power:        6W maximum
Xenon Source power:      12VDC
Wavelength adjustment:    Manual knob

Download Product Spec Sheet

Sample spectra achieved using AvaFluorimeter accessory

The following spectra were taken with an AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO spectrometer with a 100 micron replaceable slit and the UA (300 groove/mm) broadband grating.

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