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eBook: Spectroscopy Methods for Chemistry Applications

Posted on: February 23rd, 2022

Chemical applications for spectroscopy are innumerable and increasing every day.  Chemical reactions are dynamic processes that present unique challenges ranging from temperature fluctuations to corrosive and caustic attributes which require robust analytical techniques and tools. Monitoring of chemical reactions in the food/beverage, petroleum, semiconductor, and the chemical industry itself provides a valuable tool for quality control.  Non-invasive and in-situ spectroscopy analysis facilitated by Avantes instruments and accessories provides for real-time, high-speed measurements of chemical processes. Spectroscopy can be used to measure concentrations, process endpoints, and contamination at concentrations as low parts per billion (ppb). The study of chemical kinetics is used to characterize processes and improve our understanding of how these factors and others change the outcome of a chemical reaction.

There are an unlimited number of applications in the field of chemical spectroscopy. Chemical reactions are dynamic processes that vary with changing conditions that result from various types of techniques. Our instruments are equipped to handle those different applications.


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