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Data Sheet: Ava-Chem-Kit

Posted on: December 19th, 2022

The Avantes Chemistry absorbance bundle is the ideal system configuration for a variety of labs, including University, research, teaching, and industrial. The system is configured for UV/VIS/NIR measurements from 200-1100 nm and provides spectral resolution as low as 1 nm (FWHM). The system includes a high-speed CMOS detector spectrometer, deuterium halogen light source, cuvette holder, fiber optic cable, and quartz cuvette cells. The spectrometer includes our exclusive replaceable slit technology allowing for user-changeable slits to optimize performance between resolution or throughput (sensitivity). Avantes AvaSoft software facilitates measurements in absorbance, transmission, reflection, and two types of irradiance for a variety of applications. Additional software features support many output file formats (Excel, JCAMP ASCII), FMWH and peak tracking, and time series (kinetics) functions. The modularity of the Avantis system provides for the use additional of probes and other sampling accessories to suit the requirements of each use case.


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