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Brochure: Spectroscopy Configurations for UV-VIS Absorbance

Posted on: June 18th, 2024

This brochure details the most common spectroscopy configurations for UV-VIS absorbance applications. In the field of UV-VIS absorbance spectroscopy, three primary configurations stand out for their unique advantages and versatile applications.

  1. UV-VIS Absorbance Configuration with Probe leverages the flexibility of fiber optic-based spectrometers and probe-based fluorescence, providing direct and adaptable sample measurement even in challenging environments, including remote and confined spaces.
  2. UV-VIS Absorbance Setup with Flow Cell offers the critical benefit of continuous sample delivery, allowing for real-time monitoring of reactions and processes while maintaining sample integrity and measurement accuracy.
  3. UV-VIS Absorbance Configuration with Cuvette employs a collimating lens holder to ensure parallel light passage through the sample, enhancing measurement precision and consistency by preventing beam divergence. Each configuration presents distinct advantages, making them indispensable tools in various spectroscopic applications.

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