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Avantes Products Overview

Posted on: January 21st, 2022

About Our Products

Avantes is a leading innovator in the development of fiber-optic spectroscopy instruments and systems. We have dedicated nearly three decades to developing cutting-edge optical spectroscopy equipment and getting it into the hands of researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs worldwide. We support hundreds of applications across dozens of industries where light measurements improve performance, increase yields, and deliver data you can rely on. Our modular product design, small footprint, and benchtop or rack-mount options offer a versatile solution that fits in every environment. Our instruments allow different combinations to meet the requirements of nearly any spectroscopy need; whether it is ultra-high resolution or incredible sensitivity, fast data collection, or long integration times, we have a suitable solution available. Since spectroscopy is used for numerous applications, we have defined our products in different lines. From small form factor spectrometers for inter-instrument integration to high-sensitivity instruments for demanding applications. In this brochure, we guide you through the available lines that we have to offer to
show you the endless possibilities of spectroscopy.

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