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Portable LIBS Test Kit

Posted on: October 20th, 2020

Looking to test drive the integrated Portable LIBS Test Kit?

Speak with an Avantes sales engineer today to reserve the test kit through the exclusive Avantes test drive program. This is ideal for feasibility testing or proof of concept demonstrations in your product development process.

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4096 pixel CMOS array miniature spectrometer

Portable LIBS Demo System

The AvaSpec-Mini4096CL is a solid performing instrument for high resolution applications such as LIBS and optical emission spectroscopy.  The demo Avantes and Lumibird system contains this Mini configured with a 1800 groove/mm grating that is blazed at 250 nm.  The grating provides for 175 nm of spectral range coverage with average resolution of 0.12 nm (FWHM).  The instrument is configured with a 10 micron slit and a cylindrical detector collection lens for sensitivity enhancement.    The spectrometer supports amazing low integrations times starting at 30 microseconds and can be externally triggered via a laser or it can trigger another device.  The on board communication protocol is USB 2.0.

Falcon (5 mJ)

Ultra compact diode-pumped pulsed 1.57 µm laser

The Falcon laser series was built for rugged applications unsuitable for most commercial lasers. A proprietary design, the Falcon provides eye-safe wavelengths in a compact yet robust package. Designed for battery operation in hand-held and mobile applications, this DPSS Nd:YAG laser features maintenance free operation for years of hard use.

More about LIBS from Avantes

Portable LIBS system application demo

Aluminum Sorting Application

Read this installment of the Spectra of the Month Column when the AvaEngineers explore the use of the portable LIBS demo system to differentiate Aluminum 110 and Aluminum 6063.

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On-Demand Webinar & eBook

Handheld LIBS System Design Webinar

Webinar discussing hardware and performance considerations in handheld LIBS system design and present example of a portable LIBS system with integrated AvaSpec-Mini spectrometer and Lumibird laser


Application Note

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy in the Physical Sciences

This application paper explores numerous applications for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in the physical sciences

Read the Application Paper

Test Drive the Portable LIBS Demo

Reserve your test drive through the exclusive Avantes demo program now