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Microfluidic Flowcells

Fluorescence, Z-Flow, and High Volume

Available only in the Americas

Avantes provides three types of flow cells that are beneficial for applications where liquid samples need to be continuously passed through the path of the light beam. These flow cells are particularly suitable for samples that may be sensitive to damage caused by the light source.

Selection of Flow Cells

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Our SMA Fluorescence Flow Cell is built using black Ultem material and comes with easily mountable and replaceable silica optical windows along with 2 SMA connectors. This design ensures outstanding performance for fluorescence-based analyses.

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Our SMA-Z micro-volume flow cell, offers flexibility in experimental setups with multiple optical path lengths (2.5 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm, and 50 mm). You can specify the material from the following options: Teflon, PEEK, and Ultem material.

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This is a high volumetric absorbance flow cell designed to handle flow rates of up to 200 mL/min, making it suitable for absorbance applications. It is particularly well-suited for process measurements and can effectively measure dark liquids. The flow cell can withstand backpressure flow of up to 100 psi at the maximum flow rate of 200 mL/min. It comes with a 1 mm path length, 2 SMA connectors, and replaceable silica windows. Please note that it is exclusively available in PEEK material.

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To identify the most appropriate flow cell for your specific application, we have dedicated Regional Sales Managers available to help you. Just complete the form, and you can expect a response within the same day. If you prefer direct contact, please feel free to call our Colorado office at 303-410-8668.

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