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Using the Spectrum3D Module in AvaSoft 8

Posted on: January 26th, 2024

Spectroscopic measurements are often displayed in two-dimensional graphs, with either wavelength or wave number in the x-axis and wide variety of quantifications in the y-axis (i.e., ADC counts, absorbance units, transmission or reflectance percentage, etc). These plots are measurements at a single point in time and are limited in that way. Indeed, sometimes spectral measurements are needed over time to quantify changes in the spectrum, such as measuring the change in light intensity at one point in the sky over the course of a day. In these cases, analyzing multiple spectra over time at once is crucial, and this is the exact tool that the Spectrum3D module in AvaSoft provides. Spectrum3D provides a three-dimensional plot with respect to wavelength and time and allows the user to observe a full spectrum at a specific time or a specific wavelength over a time interval. This data can be saved either as a single file or separate files based on the time stamp. Download the short guide below on using the Spectrum3D Module in AvaSoft 8.


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