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Using Spectrum Tools in AvaSoft 8 – Scaling, Display, and Post-Processing

Posted on: April 18th, 2024

The Spectrum module of AvaSoft 8 equips users with an array of scaling, display, and post-processing functionalities. Scaling tools empower users to tailor the graph to their specific needs, whether adjusting the y-axis scale to accommodate varying magnitudes or defining a custom scale for focused analysis. The Display toolbox offers features such as grid overlays for enhanced visualization and spectral region highlights, including the visible and UV spectra, providing invaluable contextual references. Moreover, users can toggle between linear and logarithmic scales and utilize conversion options like wave number display for versatility across diverse scientific disciplines. Post-processing capabilities further refine data, with tools like splining for generating smooth, continuous curves, ideal for pinpointing peak wavelengths. Additionally, derivative analysis unveils deeper insights, though their efficacy may necessitate additional preprocessing steps for optimal results.

This succinct guide empowers users to harness the full potential of AvaSoft 8’s Spectrum module, transcending the confines of conventional data analysis to unlock new realms of scientific discovery and understanding.

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