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Spectroscopy in Sustainable Soil Management

Posted on: November 21st, 2019

Agricultural research of today goes into feeding the world’s population tomorrow. Year after year, farmers try to produce more food out of the same resources, and rapidly changing climate conditions only heighten the pressure on the world’s food supply. Changing weather patterns means droughts deepen, floods are more frequent, extremes of heat and cold swing wider, and so inevitably we must produce more with less. Shorter growing seasons, fewer resources such as clean water, and even the soil itself can become depleted. Right now, scientists are hard at work developing the tools and technologies that will make the future of farming possible.

Spectroscopy is a key enabling technology for many of those tools and technologies in development today. From innovative research to integration in sensors and analytics, spectroscopy is everywhere. And so is Avantes. Trusted in labs, production lines and field research outposts, Avantes instruments deliver proven results around the world.

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